ssh automatic specific user and port



Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya membuat script untuk mempermudah login ssh ke beberapa server, ini dikarenakan terlalu banyak server untuk kami manage. Cara jalan script tersebut seperti ini :

users:~$ sshto 23
Last login: Fri Aug 18 03:30:47 2017 from
[root@srv23 ~]#

Dan beberapa bulan yang lalu, ketika manager saya datang kesini, manager saya menggunakan ssh dengan sangat mudah. hanya tinggal ssh ke hostnamenya saja, tapi saya tidak terlalu menggubrisnya. Dan tibalah saat dimana ada admin baru masuk, dan dia juga melakukan hal yang sama. So, what’s make me too confused with that! Mereka berdua melakukan ssh dengan mudah, seperti berikut :

users:~$ ssh s23
Last login: Fri Aug 18 08:07:31 2017 from
[root@srv23 ~]#

It looks so easy, lalu buat apa saya bikin cape-cape yah dulu. hehehe. tapi saya jadi belajar scripting semenjak itu, jadi gak ada yang percuma. Okay, so how to make ssh more simple?

just create file :


then fill with this :

user root
port 2222

That is just sample, but you can change with other username and other port.

Thanks a lot sir 


Vagrant error vboxsf



Hanya ingin post aja, karena kemarin dapat error seperti ini :

Failed to mount folders in Linux guest. This is usually because
    the "vboxsf" file system is not available. Please verify that
    the guest additions are properly installed in the guest and
    can work properly. The command attempted was:

    mount -t vboxsf -o uid=`id -u vagrant`,gid=`getent group vagrant | cut -d: -f3` /vagrant /vagrant
    mount -t vboxsf -o uid=`id -u vagrant`,gid=`id -g vagrant` /vagrant /vagrant

Karena saya memang menggunakan Virtual Box untuk virtualisasinya. Solusinya install plugin vagrant untuk virtualbox guest, jalankan perintah berikut :

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

Terimakasih, semoga membantu.

Referensi :

What do you feel when you listen “feeling”?


I must tell this to you, I really not believe I’m feeling. Until in the mid weeks of october, I try to test. I got the result, not long after the fingerprint scanner capture my finger print. Yes, the result is “feeling”. Immediately I said, “why it must feeling?”. “What can feeling person do?”. Not sure, not believe, it’s feel like as I’m in sleep with bad dream. “come on,feeling is the worst than all.” Do you wanna know, why I said “it’s the worst?” Okay, first. It’s based on mood, and I really don’t like it. Second, it’s so sensitive. Third, it’s very subjective, not objective. Fourth it’s good for be a leader. Fifth, it’s good for be a political.

Okay, maybe you need my reason why I’m so hate feeling. Let’s start from the first. Sure, base on mood is bad, because if you don’t have a good mood your day will feel like as “why it’s feel so long, I need rest”. Socond, it’s so sensitive. Why it’s bad? I think sensitive is good, if it not excessive. So could you imagine that? If you very sensitive, all will feel awry. Third, why subjective is bad? Because, the good value is getting from hard work, not from your relation. Fourth, good for a leader, sorry, I think it’s bad for me. Are you understand, to be a leader, you need to be strong, why? because amanah. It’s so hard roger! and let’s imagine again, you are a leader, you are based on mood, subjective, and the worst is you are very sensitive. townspeople is have a lot of problem, and you must fix that. But the main problem is in yourself. How you can fix it, if you have a problem with yourself? Fifth, political? I very hate political! Why? because if they have a purpose, they will make bad stategy for get the purpose. And I don’t like that, I’m very hate political!

But.. I’m sure, it’s not worst for me. Because, now I know what is my weakness. It’s my good modal for continue my life. And I know my surplus. I think every body can reach their dream. And every body have a best way for themselves. It’s mean, my best way not your best way also. Every body have their best way for reach their dream.