error update cloudflare plugin cpanel

cpanel, Linux


I try to update cpanel plugin

root@serverme [~]# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/

But get error :

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/ line 43: ./ No such file or directory

So, I just read the files in line 43, and get this :

if [[ “$NEW_VERSION” == 0 || “$FORCE_INSTALL” == true ]]
curl -s -k -L “”
./ -k $HOST_KEY -n ‘ ‘

So, I just need $HOST_KEY value, so you can get $HOST_KEY value using command :

root@serverme [~/directory]# cat /root/.cpanel/datastore/cf_api

After get the $HOST_KEY value, you can run this :

root@serverme [~/directory]# curl -s -k -L “” >

Then change the permission of file

root@serverme [~/directory]# chmod +x

Then run this

root@serverme [~/directory]# ./ -k HOST_KEY_VALUE -n ‘ ‘

note : change HOST_KEY_VALUE to your host key value.

-k for HOST_KEY
-n for organization name

root@serverme [~/directory]# ./ -k HOST_KEY_VALUE -n ‘ ‘
Starting CloudFlare CPanel Installation…
Downloading and unpacking latest version v6.2.0…
info [install_plugin] Installing to paper_lantern
info [install_plugin] Running sprite_generator
info [install_plugin] Queueing task to update API spec files
Plugin installed ok
Cleaning up

Finish, you can check cloudflare plugins from cpanel account.

I hope this article can help you.